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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: My Gun Done Kicked Back ‘n Hit Me Edition

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From BigW:

Shut down the run and we'll beat you with Kerry's arm. Any doubts anyone had as to whether or not the old man still has it should be erased after this weekend. That was definitely a game that showed me something about this team. Even as bleak as things looked in the first quarter I never really had a doubt. That's what having a team with a winning mentality does for its' fan base.  No matter the score or the situation you always feel like your guys are going to pull it out. It appears are guys are feeling the same way. Well onto the pundits after the jump......

Still at #1. Vic Carucci is going to make me buy him a beer with comments like these

"Go ahead, dare them to throw. The Titans can win that way, too."

ESPN keeps us at #1 as well despite a few straggling #2 votes.

"Has a team ever set franchise records for most rushing yards in a game and fewest in a game within four games? The Titans nearly did. They had to throw to beat the Bears and they did, to great effect."

Adrian Hasenmeyer is still enjoying his seat aboard the Titans bandwagon.

"Why is it so hard to find a runaway MVP candidate from Tennessee? Because it's a very good team with depth. Consider that the Titans -- a team built around a strong running game and defense geared to stop the run -- won in Chicago last week despite a near franchise-low 29 rushing yards."

Pete Prisco enjoyed the Kerry Collins show....

"If Kerry Collins plays like he did against the Bears, they will be a Super Bowl team. It's that simple. The passing game is the one area of this team that worried some."

The mooks in Vegas move us to #2. Unreal. Case in point why power rankings don't matter.

"Jeff Fisher's defense continues to shine after holding Bears to 243 total yards and 14 points. The Titans undefeated season continues to surprise."

I'm really liking these guys.

Last week: Completing 30 of 41 passes for 289 yards and 2 TDs, Kerry Collins posted his best performance since 2005 and kept the Titans perfect with a 21-14 win in Chicago.   

Cold, Hard Football Facts: Tight end and leading receiver Bo Scaife continued to be Collins's favorite target, posting a career-high 10 catches for 78 yards and a touchdown against the Bears.  

Week 11 matchup: at Jacksonville. Tennessee is 15-12 against the Jaguars since Jacksonville joined the league in 1995, outscoring their division rivals 519-503 over that span.  


PFT keeps us at #1. Still doesn't change the fact that I think Florio is a moron. 

Sports Illustrated

Dr.Z moves us back to #1

"So the Bears packed the box and made Kerry Collins throw to beat them. Went over 200 yards for the first tine this season, wow! What short memories we have. Kerry Collins vs. San Francisco, December, 1996. Went downfield often and long. Particularly effective throwing the fade. Faded poor Tyrone Drakeford, the left corner, right out of the game. Merciless. Ended up with 327 yards and three TDs and the Panthers were on their way to a 12-4 record and the NFC championship game, and Collins played in the Pro Bowl. Not a place where "game managers" need apply. Can't go deep, ha! In Tennessee he plays the kind of game he is instructed to play. At 9-0 you don't argue."

KC throws for a bunch of yards and we suddenly back on top of the Giants? Paul is getting senile. 

Thanks as always to BigW for putting this together.