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Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars Statistical Preview

I have included DVOA from the Football Outsiders in the chart this week.  Click here to learn more about it.  Any questions shall be directed to DannoE because he seems to be our resident stat nerd.

Stats after the jump..

Jaguars Stat Titans
115.2 (14th) Rush  Offense 134.8 (6th)
205.3 (17th) Pass Offense 178.4 (27th)
320.6 (18th) Total Offense 313.2 (22nd)
22.0 (22nd) Scoring Offense 24.4 (10th)
8.3% (11th) Offense DVOA 8.2% (12th)
113.1 (20th) Rush Defense 90.1 (8th)
213.3 (17th) Pass Defense 194.4 (12th)
313.8 (12th) Total Defense 291.6 (5th)
20.7 (12th) Scoring Defense 13.0 (1st)
+2(10th) Turnover Ratio +10 (1st)
14.9% (24th) Defense DVOA -22%  (3rd)
-3.2% (19th) Weighted DVOA 30.2% (3rd)

It is really crazy how close these teams are to last year's stats.  The biggest difference for the Titans is +5.6 points scored per game, -5.6 points allowed per game and +10 from last year's turnover ratio.  We will call that the Kerry Collins Effect.

You can move the ball on the ground a little bit against the Jags this season.  This will be a slobber-knocking football game as it always is.