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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Climbing an Escalator Backwards Edition

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BigW provides us with a look at the various power rankings after the jump.

What a hard fought win against a stellar defense. The game was ugly but a when you look in the column to the right it still shows a W and that is all the matters right? Apparently not judging by a few of the "knowledgeable" sports writers from around the country; how can you drop in the power rankings after a win? Flying under the radar has its advantages though. Who knows maybe we can pull a NYG move on our bye week and move up a spot or two!

Vic Carucci keeps us at #2. Unfortunately not everyone agrees with him.

After barely escaping Baltimore with a win, the Titans get a well-deserved rest.

ESPN keeps the #2 train rolling by keeping us ahead of the overrated Redskins

They benefited from an iffy call in Baltimore but more than matched up physically. Class of the AFC is off, then at KC before a home Monday nighter vs. Colts. (PK)

Well they did move us from 4 to 3 but we've still yet to impress the moron's at FAUXSPORTS

Give it up for old man Kerry Collins. Not many QBs could lead an 11-play touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter against this year's Ravens defense, and on the road. Jeff Fisher's crew is building something special, and already has a 2 1/2 game lead in the AFC South.

Pete Prisco keeps us at #2 on CBS Sportsline. The comment is less than endearing though.

The defense bailed them out again. But when you can go on the road and win without much offense, that's accomplishing something. Can they go a whole season without giving up 20 points in a game?

I'm sorry but I don't see how the guys in Vegas can have Dallas still ranked #1. Skewed perspective because of the lines maybe?

Titans continue to find ways to win. But they have yet to face a competent offense.

Sure because it couldn't be our D making them look incompetent huh? One of the incompetent Os we've faced gave your #1 all they wanted this weekend but I digress.

Sports Illustrated

Dr. Z drops a spot to #2. What the hell?

Yes, I am aware of the fact that they came up with the win and dropped a spot. I think even rabid, or at least mildly aroused, Titans fans will agree that Washington's victory over the Iggles was a firmer achievement than Tennessee's victory over Baltimore. You won't agree? Well, I 'm very sorry but this is my game, my rules.

Please allow me to translate, "Dan Snyder and the Skins have a larger following and my editors thought my column would get a little more pub this week if I put them above the Titans."

I'm starting to really like these guys. It seems the folks  who don't have to show large market allegiances tend to have us at #2.

Last week: The Titans defense allowed 10 points - just under its league-leading season average of 11.2 - in a brutal 13-10 win over the Ravens in Baltimore. 

Cold, Hard Football Facts: The Titans are winning the sack battle in an extremely decisive fashion - they have registered 15 sacks and have allowed exactly two in five games.

Week 6 matchup: Bye. The Titans plan to spend their off week obsessively repeating the phrase "Sweet mother of pearl, we're 5-0!"