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Titans 13 Ravens 10 Open Thread Roll Call

WOW.  That is really all I have to say about the fact that we got 1,055 comments on Sunday.  It is amazing to look back and see how this site has grown.  Thanks to everyone who particiapted this week and every week.  It is something I look forward to very much every Sunday.  Stats after the jump.

Roll Call: white02slpss, zackmann, Pinoy Titan, Jimmy, Hook em Titans, titansfanastic1982, theologic, vancouverTITAN, nvemvp23, longtitan, gotitans27, psuphiman80, steelguy99, numbertenox, TrenchantTitan, Air McNair 9, asian phil, dentureboy, Hentrich is my Homeboy, ElectricScissors, BeansCarter, DannoE, b3tts32, jayosanne, ctex80, Benji5203, runeknightx, coler0kw, Texas Wahoo, Rustmeister, Michaeltastic
Total Users: 31
Total Posts: 1055
Total Threads: 3

Name # of Posts
theologic 176
titansfanastic1982 142
steelguy99 138
ElectricScissors 111
numbertenox 74
gotitans27 68
Jimmy 56
DannoE 31
Pinoy Titan 30
Hook em Titans 27
Hentrich is my Homeboy 21
white02slpss 20
dentureboy 16
jayosanne 16
runeknightx 16
Air McNair 9 14
nvemvp23 14
Rustmeister 12
zackmann 11
asian phil 10
vancouverTITAN 9
psuphiman80 8
Benji5203 8
b3tts32 6
ctex80 5
Texas Wahoo 5
TrenchantTitan 4
coler0kw 4
Michaeltastic 1
BeansCarter 1
longtitan 1