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Titans 13 Ravens 10: Quick Recap

Championship teams win games when they don't have their best stuff.  That is exactly what the Titans did today.  This was a really ugly game, but the Titans hung in there and got the last laugh.  I love it that we were able to do that against the Ravens.  

This game raised a lot of questions within the team and with performance of some people on the team.  It is good that the Titans have the bye week to sort all of that out before heading to Kansas City.  I have no doubt that they will.  The thing between Cortland Finnegan and Keith Bulluck that happened on the fieldn was more than likely just a heat of the moment thing and will probably be resolved before they get on the plane.

Enjoy this win.  The Titans proved today that they can win a physical game, and come from behind even when they have been physically dominated for 3 1/2 quarters.  5-0 is pretty sweet.

I will have an open thread up tonight for the Steelers @ Jaguars game so be sure to stop back in for that.