Chris Simms got CUT!

The most amazing news I've ever heard is that QB Chris Simms got cut this afternoon to make room for an extra punter.

That sound you hear is me slapping my forehead repeatedly.

I guess this means that VY is healthy enough to play backup, which presumably means that he's also healthy enough to start.  Which is fine.  I mean, I'm on board with playing VY as the back-up for the rest of the year, and indeed, if Collins were to get injured, then I'd think having VY start would be better than having Simms try to start with a less-than-complete understanding of the playbook. 

But... I think a lot of us thought that the Titans' best move this off-season would be to let Collins go elsewhere in pursuit of another starting gig while hoping that VY can get his head and ass wired together again.  In which case, having a backup with some talent would seem to be a pretty good plan.  Indeed, Simms seemed ideal given everything we've seen this year.  But now, if VY implodes again, we're looking at hard times next year.

Anybody got a thought about this? 

I (obviously) more than a little disappointed.  I mean, my faith is VY is in the gutter.  I simply do not believe in him anymore.  And while I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong on this point, until that happens, I was pretty damned happy to have Chris Simms hanging around on the roster.  No?