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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Was There Ever Any Doubt Edition

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From BigW:

In a weekend that saw me on my death bed one thing saw me through it all. Monday Night Football. With 2 hours left until kickoff my fever finally broke and I braved the cold to watch, what I consider to be, the greatest win of the season. Not only did we come back in the 2nd half to win the game but we did so in dominating fashion. I've paid for going to the game ever since but it was totally worth it. Now that our boys have done their job let's see what the talking heads had to say about us.

Good ‘ol Vic keeps us at #1.

"The best just keep getting better."

I couldn't have said it better myself Vic.

ESPN still has us on top. PK hits the nail on the head with his comment as well.

"The next challenge: Preventing any sort of letdown off the Monday night high as the rested Packers come to town."

All aboard the Titans bandwagon! Next stop Adrian Hasenmeyer.

"Tennessee found the spotlight mighty enticing last night, and responded as an unbeaten should. Minus the garbage-time touchdown at the end, the Titans whipped the Colts and with their schedule, the only team they have to fear is themselves."

Wasn't it just two weeks ago we were frauds? I love to see jerks like this have to eat crow.

Pete Prisco knows where our guys belong.

"Is there any doubt about them now? Rallying from down 14-6 to a 31-21 victory against the Colts pretty much locks up the division."

That's right ladies and gentlemen; YOUR AFC SOUTH CHAMPION TENNESSEE TITANS! Doesn't that sound just lovely?

Vegas shows us what happens when we allow mathletes to write comments...

"Turnover free game for the Titans. Collins manages the game well again. Team allows over 17 points for the first time all season."

Sports Illustrated

True to form Dr.Z takes the opposite opinion of everyone else. He should go back to being outsmarted by Brooklyn Decker; at least seeing her next to him made him tolerable.

"I had a rooting interest Monday night, and it wasn't for these folks, and the reason had nothing to do with them. It was a reaction to the uncontained gushing emanating from the folks on TV. This is not a super team. The offensive line got out-quicked. The defensive line got tired. But their mistakes are minimal on both sides of the ball, and that, plus the zero on the loss side of the record, keeps them at uno."

Click this link for a nice side piece they wrote comparing us to the NYG. Ending it with the only comparison that matters; Titans 7-0 Giants 6-1

"Last week: The Titans finally played a non-doormat and came through, rallying for 25 straight points to dump division rival Indy at home, 31-21, and placing themselves firmly in the driver's seat in the AFC South.  

Cold, Hard Football Facts: The 21 points allowed to the Colts was the most given up by Tennessee all year. The 31 points scored by the Titans, primarily lauded for their defense, marked the fourth time in five games that they've scored 30 or more.  

Week 9 matchup: vs. Green Bay. The end zone is to LenDale White as a pig roast is to the CHFF staff (or to LenDale White), as evidenced by his league-leading 10 rushing TDs, including five in his last two games. The Packers have allowed seven rushing TDs in seven games, giving White a decent shot to make more bacon.  " 

I'm I the only one that noticed that Indy's last TD was in garbage time? Just goes to show these morons look at stats and don't watch games.