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Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans Statistical Preview

I am a little worried about this one because when I was picking the games before the season I picked the Titans to lose this game.  I am 7 for 7 so far.

Packers Stat* Titans
101.0 (23rd) Rush Offense 145.0   (4th)
227.9 (10th) Pass Offense 164.7 (28th)
328.9 (16th) Total Offense 309.7 (23rd)
27.7     (4th) Scoring 25.7   (9th)
141.9 (25th) Rush Defense 90.1 (10th)
186.0   (6th) Pass Defense 185.3 (4th)
327.9 (17th) Total Defense 275.4 (4th)
22.7 (16th) Scoring Defense 12.4 (1st)


Turnover Ratio +8 (1st)

This is your traditional statistical breakdown.  JKB had an excellent DVOA breakdown here.

This is one of the best offenses the Titans have faced so far.  I am of the belief that this is the best defense in the league.  They will have a chance to legitimize that claim on Sunday.

Should be another big week from Smash and Dash.  I sure hope so because I am playing both of them in one of my fantasy leagues because my other 2 backs are Frank Gore (bye) and Reggie Bush (bye/injured).  Bad drafting on my part.