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Titans 31 Colts 21 Quick Recap: Myth Busters

The Titans can't come from behind according to Tony Kornheiser: False

The Titans can't win a game where they can't run the ball: False

The Titans defense isn't that good because they haven't played anyone: Well I guess we can't call that one false yet because the Colts, just like most of the teams the Titans have played, are under .500 and aren't very good.  Yeah, I said it.

This is the biggest win the Titans have had in a long time.  A 4 game lead in the divison through 7 games is awesome.  

Also, who predicted a 7-0 start?  This guy (says Jimmy with two thumbs pointed at himself).  

The Titans have a tough 3 game stretch coming up, but the good news is the Titans have a 4 game lead in the division.  Much, much more coming on this game tomorrow.  For now we celebrate this win.