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Monday Night Football Colts @ Titans Prediction Thread

This is the biggest game in Nashville in years.  I know there is no shortage of excitement on this site about the game.

Let's be honest, the Colts aren't what they have been.  People can argue that all they want, but it is a fact.  It is also a fact that they still have Peyton Manning, and he can still hit the home run to any of his weapons at any time.  The Titans might win this game big, but I am not expecting that.

Here is my prediction for the game:

The Colts defense is bad against the run, and the Titans are very good at running the ball.  That sounds like a recipe for success to me.  The Titans will be able to move the ball, but they won't put up a ton of points.  They are going to grind it out and get a huge win in the time of possession battle.

On defense the Titans will employ the same strategy they have against the Colts for the last few years, "Bend but Don't Break."  I know that is really over-used, but that is what they will do.  They won't blitz Peyton because that is suicide.  They will rely on the front 4 to get pressure on Peyton, which they should be able to do against the Colts offensive line.  I would love to see Jevon Kearse get a couple of shots on Peyton because some people think he has always been overrated.

The Titans move to 7-0 with a 20-14 win.

I would love to hear your predictions below.