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Titans 34 Chiefs 10 Open Thread Roll Call

This thread wasn't quite as active as the one for the Ravens game, but it was still a strong effort.  I have a feeling the one for Monday Night Football may blow the Ravens one out of the water.  Stats after the jump.

Roll Call: gotitans27, Pinoy Titan, 2tonedBLUE, gzablue, titansfanastic1982, Hook em Titans, Rustmeister, theologic, eawee, numbertenox, Joy Kat, jayosanne, ordie6531, Jimmy, zap93, FaninEcuador, Zu Long, RhiNo6705
Total Users: 18
Total Posts: 506
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
titansfanastic1982 105
theologic 103
Rustmeister 57
ordie6531 53
numbertenox 41
gotitans27 41
eawee 25
zap93 21
Joy Kat 16
Pinoy Titan 15
Zu Long 11
Jimmy 11
jayosanne 2
RhiNo6705 1
FaninEcuador 1
gzablue 1
2tonedBLUE 1
Hook em Titans 1

Thanks again to everyone who participated.