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Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans Preview: The Stats

If I would have told you before the season started that heading into week 8 the Titans would be ahead of the Colts in every statistical category besides passing offense and passing defense, you would have called me crazy.

Colts Stat Titans
70(32nd) Rush Offense 154.5 (4th)
244.8 (7th) Pass Offense 160 (26th)
314.8 (20th) Total Offense 314.5 (21st)
21.3 (20th) Scoring 24.8 (10th)
153.5 (28th) Rush Defense 89.5(8th)
175.5 (3rd) Pass Defense 179 (5th)
329 (16th) Total Defense 268.5 (3rd)
21.8(16th) Scoring Defense 11 (1st)
+2(13th) Turnover Ratio +6 (1st)

Another week against a team with a bad run defense.  Look for another big week from Smash and Dash.