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Titans @ Ravens: The Stats

Titans 2008 Stats Ravens
137 (8th) Rush Offense 161 (3rd)
168.5 (23rd) Pass Offense 130.3 (31st)
305.5 (22nd) Total Offense 291.3 (25th)
25.5 (12th) Scoring Offense 21.7 (17th)
86.8 (8th) Rush Defense 69.7 (2nd)
176.8 (8th) Pass Defense 117 (1st)
263.5 (5th) Total Defense 186.7 (1st)
11.5 (1st) Scoring Defense 14.3 (2nd)
+6 (1st) Turnover Ratio +1(10th)

Another matchup of similar teams.  Once again the key will be taking care of the ball and forcing turnovers.  The Titans have obviously been very good at that this season.  That was the difference against the Vikings on Sunday.  Here's to hoping they can do it again.