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Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: The Bette Midler Edition

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Lift us up where we belong! With the 6th week of the NFL season coming to a close things are starting to shake out a bit. Now that the 1 win Browns have knocked off the defending world champs that leaves our beloved Titans as the only undefeated team in the NFL. With that come the accolades that can cause our heads to swell larger than Kellen Winslow's nether regions. Hopefully we can maintain our lunch pail attitude against a 1 win Chiefs team this weekend at Arrowhead and not be guilty of the dreaded look-ahead. It's a good time to be a Titans fan!

Vic Carucci puts us at #1 with a bullet.

"After a week off, the Titans should add another one in the win column in Kansas City."

ESPN moves us up a notch to #1

"It will be a huge surprise if they get burned looking past a trip to KC. But that Monday night in Nashville against the Colts looms large. (PK)"

Did Fisher sleep with Adrian Hasenmeyer's wife or what? They keep us down with a #3. Not to mention he recycled his comment from last week.

"Give it up for old man Kerry Collins. Not many QBs could lead an 11-play touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter against this year's Ravens defense, and on the road. Jeff Fisher's crew is building something special, and already has a 2 1/2 game lead in the AFC South."

Pete Prisco gets us back at #1; again with the backhanded compliments though.

"They spent the bye week probably resting those wounds from being one of the league's top physical teams. It's also nice coming back to face the Chiefs, one of the league's worst teams."

Not getting the support I'd hoped for from Vegas 

"Off week keeps Titans near the top although they have yet to face a potent offense. KC scoring unit shouldn't be a test." 

Sports Illustrated

Dr. Z has a few nice things to say...... and a #1 ranking

"They stand atop the NFL like a colossus, the only remaining unbeaten team, etc. Quick now, who are your Pro Bowl Titans, once you get by Haynesworth? Cortland Finnegan? Yeah, I know. I like the name, too. Erin Go Bragh and all that. Feisty guy, lots of action. Maybe. Who else? There must be an O-lineman, you say. Name him, please. How about Jeff Fisher as an early sleeper for Coach of the Year? Now you're making some sense."

Bumped up to #1

Last week: Bye. While the teams with the best records in the AFC sat idle (Bills, Steelers, Titans) Tennessee gained the No. 1 spot.   

Cold, Hard Football Facts: Tennessee is the only team in the AFC with an average point differential of more than a touchdown per game (+11.8; San Diego is second-best at +6.5).   

Week 7 matchup: at Kansas City. What a difference four years makes. In 2004, these two teams combined for 926 total yards and 87 points in a 49-38 Chiefs win. This week we predict a 2-0 Titans win. 

Thanks again to BigW for putting this together.