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Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs: The Stats

The Titans stand as the last undefeated team in the NFL, they are going on the road to take on a Chiefs team that isn't that good, and they have a huge game next Monday night against the Colts, so if ever there were a trap game, this is it.

Titans Stat Chiefs
119 (12th) Rush Offense 117.8 (14th)
167.4 (25th) Pass Offense 136.6(32nd)
386.4 (24th) Total Offense 254.4(29th)
23 (15th) Scoring 13 (31st)
95.8(13th) Rush Defense 182.2(32nd)
172 (5th) Pass Defense 209.4 (14th)
267.8 (4th) Total Defense 391.6 (29th)
11.2 (1st) Scoring Defense 26.2 (26th)
+6 (1st) Turnover Ratio +1(14th)

Jeff Fisher has to be licking his chops with the Chiefs' being ranked 32nd in the league rushing defense. 

This is a game that the Titans should win, but they will have to go there ready to play because this league proves every week that any team can win on "Any Given Sunday." (Terrible movie by the way)

Pretty funny to look back at the discussion when I talked about this game before the season started.