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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Where Floyd Reese and Lil' Wayne Are In Agreeance Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Gary Estwick interviews the man who drafted and/or signed most of the Titans' 5-0 team: Floyd Reese.  This quoted selection was chosen completely at random:

Did the events surrounding Vince Young's demotion surprise you?

"It's a complete surprise. I think it was a surprise to him that it all became that big and that derogatory that fast. But for a young quarterback, it's a great lesson to learn. It will never happen again. It will be something that the next quarterback to come along in 10 years he can tell them about. It's not unusual. But being an NFL quarterback is the toughest job in professional sports. It takes maturing in a lot of ways, on and off the field. It's something that he'll get by and he'll get through. I think it was probably all blown out of proportion, but it was there."

Tennessee_titans_30x21 ESPN's Tom Jackson came to Nashville to interview the best defensive front 4 in football, so watch for that to air next Sunday morning.  Reports that Berman didn't come because he couldn't work Albert Haynesworth's name into an arcane classic rock song title could not be confirmed.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Big Albert is going to be a very rich man when next season starts, and he better be a Titan when next season starts as well.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 How crazy it that Fisher has been the only coach we Titans fans have ever known?  Check this out:

In major professional sports, only Jerry Sloan of the NBA’s Utah Jazz and Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves have coached their teams longer than Fisher’s 14 seasons. 

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The NFL will wrap-up its investigation of Pacman next week, but results for the understatement of the year award are already in:

"I almost feel like I'm an enabler," Jerry Jones said.

Everett McIver agrees.  It's almost as if someone should write a book about this breakthrough realization.

By the way, right as I typed that sentence, wherever he may be at this moment, Pac probably just got beat for another touchdown.


Tennessee_titans_30x21 I never in my life thought I'd be excerpting a Lil' Wayne blog from ESPN The Magazine about Vince Young, but I'm surprised by a lot of things in the world today.  So, I leave you with this:

But what about the Titans? Oh my God, they're playing so well. And they're doing it without VY, which is a hurtful thing for me because I'm a really big fan of his. He's a really positive guy. I know him real well, and I help him out with his charity every year. And when I tell you he's a positive person, I don't mean just like when he feels like it, or when the cameras are rolling.

One time we were in the club and it was packed and people were getting crazy and Vince gets on the mic, cuts the music for a few minutes, and literally starts telling people about teaching kids how to read. I was sitting there thinking, hmm, let's just go back to the VIP room for a minute, but he couldn't be stopped. And he wasn't drunk. It was from his heart. He came back up to the room and he was still talking about it.

I know people see him as having troubles right now, but he's a passionate guy. Most people right now are facing some hurdles in their lives, and it's the same with VY. Passionate guys like Vince jump over them like everyone else, but they just do it differently. I don't know if he's gonna come back this year. I don't think he's gonna come back, but I also don't think he isn't, either. I know that's not a good way to answer that question, but it's hard to say.

(For those unfamiliar with Lil Wayne)


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