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Titans vs. Ravens: Why I Hate Them

There is not a single team I hate in the NFL more than the Baltimore Ravens.  Sure the Colts and the Chargers are really annoying, but there is something about the franchise from Baltimore that really makes me angry.


A few reasons for the hate:


  1. Brian Billick.  I cannot think of a more arrogant jerk in the world.
  2. Ray Lewis.  The fact that he gets up and does a dance after every single tackle he makes, whether it be for a loss or a 9-yard gain is really annoying.  Plus he got away with murder (I know not really, but I still like to say it).
A Look Back

The Titans and the Ravens were in the same division from 1999-2001 when there were only 3 divisions in each conference, and the Titans were 2-4 in the regular season against the Ravens.  They faced off in many numerous battles that included:
  1. 1999- The Freak runs down The missle.  The Titans lost to the Ravens 41-14, not that memorable right?  The one thing that sticks out from that game is when The Freak ran down "The Missle" from behind.
  2. 2000- The day Al Del Greco went from hero to goat.  The Titans were clearly the best team in the NFL, but they lost to the Ravens in the divisional round of the playoffs in a game that the Titans dominated in every phase except special teams.  I was at that game, and I have never been more depressed about a sporting event in my life.  That was also the day that Ray Lewis ripped Eddie George's career away from him and ran it back for a touchdown.
  3. 2001- The night High Rise at Lipscomb University lost a trash can.  This was the Monday Night Football game where Steve McNair was stuffed at the 1-yard line as time expired.  I took it out on a trash can in the bathroom of my dorm.
  4. 2003- The night Eddie got his revenge.  The Titans were an underdog in the wild card round of the playoffs when they traveled to Baltimore.  Eddie stiff-armed The Murderer, got the 1st down, knocked him on his back, and got in his face to tell him about it.  The game was won by a 46-yard Gary Anderson field goal that just barely sailed over the cross-bar.
  5. 2006- The return of Steve McNair.  This game was emotional because Steve McNair took the field at The Coliseum in an opposing uniform.  The Titans did a nice tribute to him before the game.  It was a frustrating game looking back because the Titans had a Rob Bironas game winning field goal set up, but it was pretty much blocked right off his foot.  It didn't seem like that big of a deal a the time because it didn't appear the Titans were going anywhere that year anyway, but when it was all said and done, a win in that game would have gotten the Titans a playoff birth
There were plenty of other games that I did not mention because nothing really notable happened in them.  That should be a little bit of fuel for you pre-game fire.