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Post Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Big Head Edition

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Thanks to Big W for putting together the look at this week's power rankings.

After a week that saw our guys move to 4-0 for the first time in franchise history the NFC East bias press has finally begun to take notice. With the exception of Adrian Hasenmeyer/FOX (How'd he get that job?) we are a consensus #2. I only hope the team isn't reading this. No sense in getting the big head this early. Nonetheless, what a great 1st Quarter!

Vic Carucci has US at #2 as it should be!

Defensive domination and a solid offense make a strong argument for the Titans to be considered an elite team.

ESPN has us at #2 as well. I imagine our man Kuharsky had something to do with us being rated HERE

Hard to find fault with the franchise's first 4-0 start. But you have to take note that the teams they've beaten are 3-12 combined. The Titans are the only team that has played three home games. (PK)

There always has to be one... This week that falls to FAUXSPORTS

Best team in the AFC? So far they've earned it on the power of the NFL's best scoring defense (9.7 points allowed/game) and a strong inside/outside running duo of Lendale White and Chris Johnson.

Pete Prisco gets us back on track with a #2 ranking from CBS Sportsline.

With that defense, they will stay close to the top all season long. Kerry Collins has really helped the passing game.

Short but well said.

You know if you're getting the love from Vegas you've got to be doing something right!

This defense so good that I find myself forgetting Kerry Collins is their quarterback. Now that's an accomplishment.

Likewise, if we can get the AFC South hating Mike Florio on our side maybe we actually deserve all this praise?

Sports Illustrated

Dr. Z giving our Titans the props they deserve.

They can't be overlooked, even though I'm predicting the Ravens will upset them this weekend, if they're not too exhausted from the Pittsburgh Monday nighter. But while I have the Titans here, let me give you a name that I've never mentioned before and might never again. Ken Amato, No. 58, long snapper by trade. Long snapped to punter Hentrich late in the fourth quarter of the Vikings game, and as if that weren't enough, raced downfield to cover the punt, downed it on the two, thereby pinning the Vikings in an impossible hole, which resulted in an ill chosen third down pass and an interception, leading to the TD that iced the contest, whew. Had the punt been permitted to achieve the end zone, Gus Frerotte, comfortably situated on his own 20 and possessed of the fires of youth, might have moved his team smartly down the field to the winning touchdown. Serial rights to this epic may be purchased by negotiating with my agent.