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Tennessee Titans 2008 Draft

I am glad that we had a few extra weeks this season before we started talking about the draft.  If you start looking at it in October, by the time it gets here everyone is sick of it.  We have recently added a blog to SB Nation, Mocking the Draft, that is dedicated to nothing but the NFL Draft.  Be sure and stop in over there to keep up with all the latest that pertains to the draft.  I will be taking part in multiple mock draft over there between now and the actual draft, and I will be asking for input from everyone here with each pick.

Another interesting draft resource is  They use a computer formula to predict who each team will draft.  Their formula is based on their team needs matrix.  They need a little help on the Titans' need matrix.  I helped them last year, and I am sure I will be doing so again at some point.  It is interesting to see the different simulations they do.

It is really hard to predict a team's draft needs before the free agency period, but there are some obvious needs the Titans are going to have.  I think their #1 need is a toss up between wide receiver and defensive tackle.  

At wide receiver they have a couple of guys that emerged as solid players during the season.  Justin Gage and Roydell Williams both proved they are quality NFL receivers, but we are all aware that neither of them are #1 receivers.  The Titans must address this situation either early in the draft or through free agency.  They need a guy who can stretch the field.  Signing or drafting another possession receiver will not upgrade the position at all for the Titans.

At defensive tackle they need a lot of help.  Let's assume that Albert Haynesworth will be back next season.  The Titans still desperately need help at the position.  Tony Brown is a good player, but he is not good enough to be the #1 when Haynesworth is injured.  Randy Starks is a free agent, and the Titans should not bring him back unless he is willing to accept the league minimum.  The Titans pass rush in the Jim Schwartz scheme is based around getting pressure from the defensive line.  The Titans have to add a quality guy to avoid what we saw this past season when Fat Albert was injured.

We will take a lot of time over the next few months evaluating the Titans roster, and who the Titans should look at signing and drafting.  For now, give me your names of wide receivers and defensive tackles that are going to be available in the draft.  Who should the Titans go after, and who they should avoid?