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A Closer Look at Limas Sweed

As we did yesterday with Mario Manningham, today we take a closer look at Texas wide receiver Limas Sweed.  Peter from Burnt Orange Nation, our University of Texas blog, was kind enough to give us this insight on Sweed:

Everyone agrees that Limas Sweed has first round talent, but his senior season was ruined by a wrist injury he suffered in mid-August. Though he battled through pain into early October, he eventually opted for season-ending surgery to prepare for the NFL Draft.

More troublesome than the initial injury is that Sweed re-injured the wrist during senior bowl workouts; he was shut down on the second day after aggravating the injury catching an Andre Woodson frozen rope.

What to make of Sweed's value? On the one hand, this shouldn't be an injury that affects him in the long term. Fully healthy, he's got tremendous size, underrated speed, and he showed excellent development at Texas in using his body to shield off undersized DBs. For now, teams will be watching to see how he performs at the combine and trying to get a sense of the extent of his wrist injury. If it's deemed problematic, his stock will fall; otherwise, he's a late first round or early second round selection.