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Miami Dolphins Fire Cam Cameron

Cam Cameron was canned by The Tuna today.  Get it?  Going 1-15 is a really good way to get yourself a one and done.  Now, this guy is a really good offensive mind who is currently without a job.  We had some discussion here when Brian Billick was fired about him being the offensive coordinator for the Titans if Norm Chow leaves or is fired.  Most of us agreed it probably wasn't a possibility and not just because we hate him.  Billick hasn't proved to be a good offensive mind without Randy Moss.

Now Cameron is a different story in my mind.  He was the offensive coordinator in San Diego from 2002-2006. He helped develop Drew Brees into a really good quarterback, and Philip Rivers played really well in his one season under Cameron.

If Chow leaves or is shown the door, the Titans first call should be to Cameron.