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Chris Mortensen: Jim Schwartz to Interview in Atlanta Next Week

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Chris Mortensen reported on 104.5 The Zone this morning that Titans Defense Coordinator Jim Schwartz will interview for the Atlanta Falcons' head coaching job next week.  The Tennessean said this morning that Schwartz's name is also in the mix for the Baltimore Ravens job.  Fisher said that they haven't heard from the Ravens yet, but that those types of requests typically are not granted during wild card week.

It is funny how much things can change in a year's time.  Last season there was a website devoted to reasons the Titans should fire Schwartz, and now his name is once again being mentioned for head coaching jobs.  This just proves that coaches are a product of the players they put on the field.  They don't just get stupid overnight.  Losing Schwartz would be a blow to the Titans, but it would be good to see him get the opportunity to be a head coach.