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Titans Request Permission to Speak with Gregg Williams

This is a pretty interesting story.  The Titans are one of 3 teams, the St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars being the others, that have requested permission to speak to Gregg Williams.  

The Titans don't currently have an opening on the coaching staff, but Jeff Fisher could bring him in as an assistant head coach or something like that.  The interesting part would be the dynamic between Williams and Jim Schwartz.  I have no idea how their relationship is, but I do know that Schwartz worked under Williams when he was the defensive coordinator here.  I guess that is something that Fisher would talk to Schwartz about before he decided to bring Williams on the staff.

It would be one thing if Schwartz and Williams had similar defensive philosophies, but they actually couldn't be much more opposite.  Schwartz likes to play zone and only send very calculated blitzes, while Williams loves to play man and send the house.  Personally I would much rather have Williams in there again, but you can't really get rid of Schwartz after the season the defense just had.

The absolute worst thing that could happen would be for Williams to be hired by the Jaguars.  Jacksonville has very good personnel on defense, and Williams would make them even better than they already are.  Their defensive coordinator position is open since Mike Smith took the head coaching job in Atlanta.  If the only thing to keep Williams from going to Jacksonville is getting a job with the Titans, Fisher should tell Schwartz that he is going to be ok with it.  Take one for the team Jimmy!