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Albert Haynesworth Talks Contract

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Albert Haynesworth hosted a meet and greet yesterday at a Nashville restaurant yesterday.  He said he doesn't want to play under under the francshise tag if the Titans don't show any interest in him being here long term:

"I'd be disappointed because that would mean they don't really want me here long term," Haynesworth said Thursday. "If they franchise me, I feel like they don't really want me here long term, then I'll prepare myself to play like that."
He went on to say that he doesn't have a problem playing under the franchise tag if the Titans and his agent are working towards a long term deal.

What makes me nervous is Paul Kuharsky mentions in his article that the Titans and Haynesworth's agent haven't talked since right after the season.  What are they waiting on?  I understand the history this guy has, but they simply cannot afford to lose him.  It might be a gamble to give him a bunch of guaranteed money, but it is a gamble the Titans are going to have to take.  The Titans are a top 5 defense with him on the field, and a bottom 5 defense without him on the field.  The solution seems pretty simple to me.  

Making sure Haynesworth is back and happy should be the #1 priority of Mike Renifeldt.  I agree with him not re-signing guys like Drew Bennett, Bobby Wade and Travis Henry because they got way more money than they are worth even in this market.  Fat Albert is a different deal.  There is no one on the roster that can come close to replacing him.  Lock him up Mike!!