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Roster Evaluation: The Secondary

The play of the secondary was a pleasant surprise this season.  When #32 was suspended for the season I thought the Titans were going to have a serious problem at corner.  They signed Nick Harper and I felt a little better, but I was dreading the thought of watching Reynaldo Hill chase receivers all over the field for another season.  Then they drafted Michael Griffin and announced they were moving him to corner.  That put my Reynaldo fears to bed.  

What none of us saw coming was the emergence of Cortland Finnegan.  We knew he could play that nickel spot, but playing corner on the outside is a different kind of flying altogether.  Finnegan proved he is a solid corner in this league.  His play allowed the Titans to move Griffin back to safety when it was clear that Calvin Lowry wasn't cutting it.  One thing I will have to say for Lowry is that he stepped up and played pretty well when Chris Hope went down for the season.

The Titans have some solid backups on the roster including Eric King and Kelly Herndon.  Vincent Fuller played well in the nickel roll, but he is a free agent.  He is a guy that the Titans should be able to bring back for a reasonable price.  Donnie Nickey is a free agent and should only be brought back for the minimum to contribute on special teams.

The Titans will probably look to add some depth in the secondary, but are in good shape for starters next season.  Hope is expected to make a full recovery and be ready for camp.  That gives the Titans a starting lineup of Harper, Finnegan, Griffin and Hope.  I am happy with that bunch.