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Tennessee Titans Mock Drafts Around the Web

This will become a weeklyish feature from now until the draft.  We will take a look at different mock drafts around the internet to see who they are projecting the Titans to take:

Draft Tek

25. Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
56. Red Bryant, DT, Texas
87. Kellen Davis, TE, Michigan
121. Chase Ortiz, DE, TCU
152. Alvin Bowen, OLB, Iowa State

NFL Draft Countdown

Calais Campbell, Miami, DE
There's no doubt that the Titans receiving corps leaves a lot to be desired and that is definitely an option here but also keep in mind that they've recently invested draft picks in Brandon Jones, Roydell Williams, Paul Williams and Chris Davis so they might be reluctant to go back to that well yet again. On the other hand both Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy are set to become free agents so a top defensive end to team with Kyle Vanden Bosch would make sense as well. Calais Campbell did not have a great junior year and saw his stock drop a bit but he's a pretty intriguing guy at this point.

Walter Football

25. Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
The Titans' receiving corps has killed them all year. Vince Young's drive to set up a potential game-winning field goal against the Colts was thwarted by his own teammate. Brandon Jones, Tennessee's No. 1 wide out, dropped an easy first down in field-goal territory. Against the Broncos on Monday night, it seemed like every single receiver had dozens of drops. And in the playoffs, Tennessee's first two plays resulted in drops. It's a shame Young's talent is going to waste with the garbage the Titans surrounded him with.

52. Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
Another receiver for Vince Young to work with. They got their big guy in Limas Sweed. Now they go after a speed-burner. Seriously, what are they thinking with Eric Moulds and Brandon Jones?

85. Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri
Hey, look, it's Ben Troupe. Maybe he'll actually catch a pass this time... Oh no, he dropped another ball. (Hint: Yo, Titans, this could be a good spot for you to grab a tight end who actually helps Vince Young out a bit in the aerial game.)

120. Terrence Wheatley, CB, Colorado
Call me crazy, but I don't think Pacman Jones is coming back to the Titans. Oh well - at least there will be a decrease in riots in the Nashville area.

Draft King

Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
The Titans desperately need to bring in a top flight wide receiver for Vince Young. Jeff Fisher used veiled language to allude to this after the season, and the team took the unexpected measure of firing offensive coordinator Norm Chow to shake up what has been at many times a dismal offensive approach.

The Titans will have a number of quality WR options in this spot, and the idea of Texas WR Limas Sweed being reunited with Young is tempting (Young and Sweed won a BCS Title together at Texas), but Malcolm Kelly should fit quite well with the Titans. Both Kelly and Sweed are 6'4", and Young could use a big target like one of them. For now I'm giving the nod to Kelly, though if Sweed proves that he is fully healed from his wrist injury by the time this pick comes up, it could just as easily be him who goes here.

I'm convinced that the Titans will do whatever they have to do to keep Albert Haynesworth after seeing the defense play at a much lower level without him, particularly against the run. The negotiation may get dirty with the franchise tag involved, but there's no way that Tennessee will let Haynesworth go.

FF Toolbox

25. Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
It would be an understatement to say that the Titans could use some upgrades at receiver. Kelly might be the most athletic receiver in the draft. He has no qualms about going over the middle, and no catch seems to be impossible for him. And, he doesn't need both hands to make the catch either. He may not be a burner, but he isn't slow, by any means.
56. Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
Even if Albert Haynesworth doesn't leave in free agency, the Titans could use some added quality at DT, and Moore gets the edge over Texas A&M's Red Bryant.

Draft Dog

Mario Manningham
Manningham will give Vince Young a legitimate big play receiver. He finished 2007 with 67 catches for 1,096 yards and 11 TDs.