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Roster Evaluation: Defensive Line

Albert Haynesworth.  That pretty much sums up the evaluation of the defensive line.  If the Titans bring Fat Albert, whether by signing him to a long term deal or slapping him with the franchise tag, they will need to bring in another defensive tackle to go opposite of him.  If they are unable to bring him back in 2008, they will need to bring in at least 2 other defensive tackles.  Tony Brown is a good player, but he cannot hold down the defensive line if he is not playing beside Haynesworth.  Randy Starks is a free agent.  I don't see any scenario where the he is back with this team.  The Titans also have Kevin Vickerson on the roster as well as Antonio Johnson who missed the season because of an injury suffered in training camp.

We saw how good the Titans were when Fat Albert played, and how bad they were when he was injured.  The one thing that has been consistent about Haynesworth's career is that he will miss games because of injury.  He hasn't played in more than 14 games since his rookie season.  The Titans cannot afford to have him as their only quality interior defensive lineman heading into next season.  

The defensive end position is pretty interesting as well.  Kyle Vanden Bosch had another great season and is under contract for 2008.  Travis LaBoy and Antwan Odom both had good seasons and are free agents.  Odom might get some big money thrown at him because he had 8 sacks this season.  I am all for the Titans bringing him back, but they shouldn't break the bank for him.  The chances are pretty good that he will end up somewhere else in 2008.  The same could be said for LaBoy.  He is a good player who is worthy of a roster spot, but the Titans shouldn't give him a ton of money.

The Titans drafted Jacob Ford in 2007, but he missed the entire year because of injury.  He has good speed and could be a good pass rushing end.  They also have Bryce Fisher and Sean Conover but neither played much in 2007.

The Titans will probably end up needing to add an end or 2 because they will lose either Odom or LaBoy or maybe even both.  If both walk the Titans will need to add 2 ends before opening camp in 2008.

It is hard to make an evaluation going forward about this unit because of all of the uncertainty with the free agents.  As long as KVB and Haynesworth are around, this unit will be one of the strengths of the team.