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Roster Evaluation: Offensive Line

The offensive line is one of the highlights of this Titans' roster.  They have two solid tackles in Michael Roos and David Stewart that are still under contract for next season.  Tackles are the most important part of an offensive line and where the bulk of the offensive line money should be spent.  The Titans enter the offseason with over $40 million in cap space.  They should use some of that money to lock both of these guys up long term.  

Guard is a different story.  Benji Olson hasn't officially retired yet, but it is just a matter of time before he does.  Jacob Bell is a free agent, and since Drew Rosenhaus is his agent, he is probably going to demand a lot of money.  The Titans don't need to tie up a lot of money in guards because they have a great offensive line coach in Mike Munchak who is great at developing guys like Bell who was a 5th round pick.  They do have Pinoy's boy, Eugene Amano, who played well at center filling in for Kevin Mawae.  Amaon will likely slide over and play guard if both Olson and Bell are gone.  The Titans also have Daniel Loper who filled in for Olson last year, and rookie LeRoy Harris who was a 4th round pick in 2007.  They will probably look to add some depth at guard through the draft.

Kevin Mawae will return at center.  He had some injury trouble late in the season but should be back at full strength in 2008.  Mawae will be entering his 15th season in the NFL so the Titans will need to start making a contingency play. Harris played center in college so he might be the answer, or they could look to draft a guy that can be groomed for a year or two behind Mawae.

The Titans will probably be looking at two new starters at guard, but I have all the faith in the world that Munchak can develop two guys that will be solid players.  The Titans will need to draft some lineman in the draft but just for depth purposes.