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Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers Statistical Preview

San Diego Chargers Stat Tennessee Titans
127.4 ypg (7th) Rush Offense 131.8 ypg (5th)
187.8 ypg (26th) Pass Offense 179.9 ypg (27th)
315.3 ypg (20th) Total Offense 311.7 ypg (21st)
25.8 ppg (5th) Scoring Offense 18.8 ppg (22nd)
107.0 ypg (16th) Rush Defense 92.4 ypg (5th)
213.3 ypg (13th) Pass Defense 199.2 ypg (10th)
320.3 ypg (14th) Total Defense 291.6 ypg (5th)
17.8 ppg (5th) Scoring Defense 18.6 ppg (8th)
+24 (1st) Turnover Ratio 0 (16th)

This looks to be a pretty even match-up with 2 huge exceptions.  First, the Chargers, while putting up similar offensive yardage numbers to the Titans, score a lot more points.  Second, the Chargers do not turn the ball over and the Titans do.  The key to this game for the Titans will be taking care of the ball.