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The Tape: 4th Quarter

  • Davis caught another punt inside the 10, and it resulted in another penalty.  They have got to get someone else back there.
  • The Titans were finally able to get a 1st down when backed up inside their 10.  The play calling was still bad.
  • LenDale doesn't look healthy.  He has missed some practice time the last 3 weeks with a knee injury.  It must have been acting up.
  • Rob Bironas is clutch once again.
  • I got really scared when Antwan Odom ate Sorgi because if he didn't get up, Manning was coming back in.
  • Stopping the Colts after the field goal was really big for the momentum.
  • It was good that the Titans kept getting 1st downs inside of 5 minutes, but it would have been a lot better if they would have stayed in bounds.
  • Excellent play by Calvin Lowry to end the game.