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Jeff Fisher: Vince Young Couldn't Play Today

Today was not a good day in Titans' country.  As mentioned here and here, Bo Scaife has a lacerated liver and will miss the rest of the season.  It seems the Titans might have known this for a while, and that is why they signed Jamie Petrowski.  It looks like we will have to count on Ben Troupe on offense.  Now would be a good time for him to prove he can play.

Also, Roydell Williams had to leave practice early today.  Jeff Fisher dd not know the extent of the ankle injury after practice.  That is a little alarming.  I guess we are going to see Mike Williams and Troupe on Sunday.  Does that really scare anyone else?

Now for Vince Young.  When asked if Vince could play if the game was today, Fisher replied "Probably not."  Young says he will be ready to go on Sunday however:

"We all have pain," Young said. "I really feel like I am a fast healer. ... It is getting better. Overall I feel like the progress is good right now."

Young did participate in 7 on 7 today.  That is a good sign.