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Titans @ Chargers Head 2 Head: Vince Young vs. Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers Stat Vince Young
277 Completions 238
460 Attempts 382
60.2 Completion % 62.3
3,152 Passing Yards 2,546
21 Touchdown Passes 9
15 Interceptions 17
22 Sacked 25
82.4 Passer Rating 71.1

*Obviously I am assuming that Vince Young is going to be healthy enough to play.  

The Titans knocked Philip Rivers around in the first meeting between these 2 teams.  They sacked him 4 times and put him on his back a number of times in addition to that.  In that game he was 21 of 40 for 228 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  To his credit, he was able to lead a late game comeback after doing virtually nothing for 3 quarters.

The Chargers did a good job against Vince in the first meeting.  He was 13 of 21 for 121 yards with 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  He only carried the ball twice for 2 yards.

Vince has more pressure on him in this game than Rivers does.  Rivers and his offense will rely heavily on LaDainian Tomlinson to make plays.  Any big plays that are going to be made for the Titans are going to have to be made by Vince.

The outcome of this game will probably depend on which one of these 2 guys can take care of the ball.  If Vince can have an efficient day with no turnovers, the Titans will come home from San Diego and prepare for the Patriots.  If Vince turns the ball over a couple of times, the Titans will come home from San Diego and prepare for the draft.