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Roster Evaluation: The Receivers

Ah, the receivers.  I don't think any position on the roster has been debated more than the receiver position.  This is the biggest hole the Titans have, and in my opinion, the first position that should be upgraded in the offseason.  A lot has been made of Vince Young's poor performance this season, but there is no doubt that he got very little help from his guys on the outside.

Justin Gage was a pleasant surprise this season.  He finished the season with 55 catches for 750 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Gage only signed a 1 year contract before the 2007 season so he will be an unrestricted free agent.  The Titans should be able to get him back for a decent price and should make every effort to resign him.  While he is not a good #1 receiver, he would be solid as the #2 or #3.

The only other receiver to have any success this season was Roydell Williams.  Williams finished the season with 55 catches for 719 yards and 4 touchdowns.  He had his share of drops this season but would make up for it later in the game in most cases.  Roydell missed the playoff game in San Diego after suffering a broken ankle in practice.  He should be back at full speed when the Titans enter their 2008 training camp.  Like Gage, he would be a solid #2 or #3 option.

That is about it for guys that produced even a little in 2007.  Biren Ealy played some at the end of the season and has shown some potential.  Brandon Jones once again showed the ability to make some plays, drop some passes and miss significant time with an injury.  Chris Davis saw some time in the slot and looks like he could be a serviceable receiver and the beat goes on....

Here comes some excellent in-depth analysis; the Titans desperately need help at receiver.  I don't care if they do it via trade, free agency or the draft, but Jeff Fisher and Mike Reinfeldt cannot afford to put this same group of receivers on the field next season.  It is stupid to spend the #3 pick and $30 million on a franchise quarterback and then not give him anyone to throw too.