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Titans Request Permission to Talk to Mike Heimerdinger

The Tennessee Titans have asked permission to speak with Mike Heimerdinger about returning to the Titans as offensive coordinator.  Of course that position was opened yesterday when Norm Chow was fired.  Jeff Fisher and Denver Broncos' coach Mike Shanahan are good friends, so it is expected that he will grant the request.  The Titans Radio article mentions that Dinger does not have full play calling authority in Denver but that he would have that here.  I was wondering what would make him want to come back here.  That is probably enough.

Dinger was the offensive coordinator in Tennessee from 2000-2004.  The Titans finished in the top 10 in total offensive twice in those four years.  He did a great job with Steve McNair during that time.  McNair was the NFL's co-MVP in 2003.

There don't seem to be any other outside guys that are candidates right now.  That could all change if Dinger were to turn them down.  The Titans will probably interview offensive line coach Mike Munchak and quarterbacks coach Craig Johnson just as they did before Chow was hired three years ago.  

This is probably the most important hire Jeff Fisher has had in his tenure with the Titans because this guy will be in charge of Vince Young's development.  It is tough for a quarterback to adjust to a new system.  The guy they hire has to be willing to design an offense that plays to Vince's strengths.