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Titans Roster Evaluation: Running Back

LenDale White was a pleasant surprise for the Titans this season.  A lot of people, myself included, were panicking when the Titans decided not to match the Denver Broncos offer to Travis Henry.  There was even more panic when it was reported that The Round Mound (TRM) showed up to camp somewhere north of 250, but he proved that he can be a quality back in this league.

TRM finished the season with 1,110 yards on 303 carries (3.7 ypc) and 7 touchdowns.  His 303 carries ranked him 6th in the NFL.  There were a lot of questions coming into the season about his durability.  Those questions were answered.  He proved he can be the horse Jeff Fisher needs to run the type of offense he wants to run.  

The biggest thing for TRM this offseason is to make sure that he comes into camp in good shape.  He needs to drop 10-15 pounds before the start of next season.  While he is never going to be a guy that looks like Eddie George, he can drop a little weight that will help him hit holes a little quicker next season.  If he can do that some of those 3 yard runs will turn into 5-7 yard runs and improve his yards per carry.

I think it is safe to say that Chris Brown has played his last game in the two toned blue.  After a fantastic 175 yard effort at Jacksonville to start the season he went back to being what he always has been, injury prone.  I thought he might have a chance of staying healthy because he wasn't the feature back, but I was wrong.  He also had costly fumbles in each of the last two games.  It will be interesting to see if anyone else in the league will give him a shot.

Chris Henry is still a question mark in my mind.  He showed some flashes of being good this season, but he was very inconsistent.  His field vision has got to improve.  There are a lot of holes out there that he just misses.  He has the speed to be a good compliment to TRM, but I am not sure if he has the football instincts necessary to be a successful running back in the NFL.  The Titans won't give up him yet, and they shouldn't, but I don't think they will be counting on him to give them 70+ carries in relief of TRM next season.  One thing that is not a question mark about Henry, he is not a kickoff returner.

Ahmard Hall is a stud.  The Titans should do whatever it takes to have him blowing open holes for them next season.  He has proven that he can catch passes out of the backfield.  That is a very valuable quality in a fullback.

The Titans are in pretty good shape at the running back position, but I think we will see them make some type of signing in the offseason to improve.  TRM is a horse, but the Titans need a guy that can take it to the house from any spot on the field.  If the Titans find that player in the offseason, whether it is a guy like Michael Turner, whose price went up after Sunday's performance, in free agency, or a speed guy late in the draft, they won't hesitate to sign him.