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Titans Roster Evaluation: Quarterback

It is time to take a look at all of the positions on the roster to figure out what we have and what we need. Naturally we will start with the quarterback position. I don't think anything has been debated more on this site than the play of Vince Young. Take a look at his stats from the last 2 seasons:

2006 Stat 2007
184 Completions 238
357 Attempts 382
51.5 Completion % 62.3
2,199 Passing Yards 2,546
12 Touchdown Passes 9
13 Interceptions 17
25 Sacked 25
66.7 Passer Rating 71.1
552 Rushing Yards 395

We talk about the huge step back he took in 2007, but he actually was statistically better in completions, completion percentage, yards, and passer rating. The reason he was getting ripped all season is because he threw less touchdowns and more interceptions. A 9:17 touchdown to interception ratio is not going to cut it. I don't think you will find anyone that says it will, but I think we can take the fact that he was better in the other areas of the passing statistics to mean that he is learning some things.

The other big knock on Vince was the fact that his rushing numbers were so far down this season. In my opinion that is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed in the offseason. The reason he wasn't running needs to be figured out and worked out. If he didn't run as much because he was more injured that the team let on then I understand that, but if it was because he was trying to prove he is a pocket passer, or Norm Chow was trying to make him a pocket passer, that is unacceptable. The organization didn't draft him because of his ability to stand in the pocket and make throws. They drafted him because of his ability to make things happen. That is what he did in his rookie season. Maybe Jeff Fisher and Chow wanted a pocket passer, but Bud Adams wanted Vince, and they better figure out how to use him to the best of his ability. If they don't it will haunt this organization for years.

Vince has a lot of work to do this offseason as well. His accuracy has to improve. The windows are small in this league, and if you can't fit the ball in them you aren't going to have success. He also has to hit his receivers in stride and give them a chance to make a play. There were a lot of times this season that the receivers were open and could have run after the catch, but they had to wait on the ball and the defender was able to catch up and make the tackle.

The other thing Vince needs to work on is his study habits. A lot was made of Kevin Mawae's comments about Vince. I still think he was saying that Vince needs to spend more time in the film room. The great quarterbacks in this league see as much in their pre-snap reads as they do after the ball is snapped. They learn that stuff from studying film. Vince needs to do a better job of knowing the opposing defenses inside and out.

The other place that shows is in all the throws where the receiver goes one way and the ball goes the other. On every play the receivers and Vince are reading the defense and adjusting accordingly. We are never sure if it is Vince's fault or the receiver's fault, but when it happens that many times it is on both parties.

At this point it is on Vince. Fisher has proven that Vince is his guy. He is going to stick with him through thick and thin. We all knew that is was going to take some time for him to make the adjustment to this league. We were spoiled by the success he had in his rookie year. I still think he is the right guy going forward for this team, as long as he is willing to put in the work it takes. I think he will come back next season more hungry than he has ever been.

Kerry Collins proved this year that he is a valuable backup. He has one more season left on his contract, and I hope he will be back. He can't be the guy for 16 games anymore, but he is a veteran that knows the game and knows his role. Collins realizes he is here to help Vince learn the game and step in and play when Vince is hurt. He is a valuable asset to this team.

I don't see the Titans making any moves at the quarterback position this offseason. Vince is still their guy, and Collins is the right type of backup.