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Tennessee Titans 2008 Draft Needs

Warren from contacted me last night about doing the team needs for the Titans.  I need to have this to him by the end of the day today so it can be included in tomorrow's simulation.  Here is how the Draft Tek need matrix works:

1- Highest need for the team.  Only 1 per team
2- High priority in need of starter will reach
3- High priority in need of starter will not reach
4- General need for depth will select if exceptional value in any round
5- General need for depth- Need at least 1 in round 4 if not fulfilled by then converts to a 2 in round 4
6- Operational only in rounds 5-7 second helping of multiple need position
9- Will not draft- absolutely no need

I can also add an "M" for any position that the Titans need more than 1 at the position.

Here is the way I see it breaking down:


QB- 9- I don't see the Titans looking QB at all in this draft.

RB- 3- Need a guy to complement LenDale White but won't reach for him.

FB- 9- They will bring Ahmard Hall back.

WR- 1- It was a tough call between a 1 here and at defensive tackle, but the Titans need a starter here worse than at defensive tackle.

TE- 3- Again a position the Titans need a guy at but they aren't going to reach.

T- 4- Roos and Stewart are bookends, but the Titans need some depth behind them.

G- 3M- The Titans will likely loose both guards.  They have Amano, Loper and LeRoy Harris but none have played a full season.

C- 4- This number depends a lot on what happens with the guards.  If both are gone, Amano and Harris could possibly be your starting guards moving this to a 3.


DE- 3- Could be a 2 if both Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy sign elsewhere.

DT- 2M- They have to take a DT in either the 1st or 2nd round.

OLB- 4- Solid with Keith Bulluck and David Thornton but a little shallow behind them.

MLB- 6- Ryan Fowler and Stephen Tulloch are both quality players.

CB- 4- Cortland Finnegan, Nick Harper, and possibly Pacman Jones are all solid options.  Could use a better backup than Reynaldo Hill.

SS- 6- Chris Hope should be back.  Calvin Lowry was servicable filling in for him.

FS- 6- Michael Griffin is a stud.  If he gets injured Lowry or Vincent Fuller could step in and be OK.


P/K- 9- Might need to find Craig Hentrich's replacement soon but won't do it in this draft.  Rob Bironas is the man.

Granted, all of this will change after the free agent period.

Now it is your turn.  Give me your thoughts on what I have and your numbers at each position.  I will take a look at it before I send my list to Warren.