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The Tape: 3rd Quarter

  • I like that the Titans are going after Sorgi.  He doesn't have much experience, so they need to force him to make quick decisions.
  • Turnovers are deadly.  There is no excuse when you are playing against the other team's #2's.
  • That unnecessary roughness penalty on Griffin was crap.  If you are going to call that there you have to call it on Sanders in the 1st half.
  • Why don't the Titans ever run the ball on 3rd and 2?
  • It blows my mind how uninspired this team looked in the 3rd quarter.  You would think the Colts were the team that needed a win to get in the playoffs.
  • Getting back to back penalties is inexcusable in a game like this.
  • Rob Bironas is, without question, the MVP of this season.