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The Tape: 2nd Quarter

  • The Colts don't care about anything early in this game except for getting Reggie Wayne 100 catches.
  • Holding the Colts to a field goal on their 2nd possession was huge.  They took a lot of time off the clock and only got 3 points to show for it.
  • Did I mention the Titans need help on kickoff returns?  Chris Henry doesn't have a clue what he is doing back there.  I wish they would go back to Griffin for the playoffs.
  • It is good to see that Norm Chow has discovered play action passes.  I wasn't sure he knew what those were a couple of weeks ago.
  • Chris Brown has got to take care of the ball in that situation.  Where is LenDale?
  • Peyton left the game sooner than I though he would.
  • The defensive line is having an easier time getting to Sorgi.l
  • Craig Hentrich always booms punts when punting out of his own end zone.
  • Chris Davis caught the 1st 2 punts inside the 10.  That is going to come back to haunt the Titans.
  • Justin Gage is really good at catching the ball with his hands and not his body.
  • Vince still needs to make better decisions.  I don't understand why he would torpedo himself into Bob Sanders instead of throwing the ball away, especially in the 2 minute drill.