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When the Jaguars Have the Ball

The key for the Titans' defense on Sunday is going to be stopping the run.  Jacksonville has one of the best 1-2 running attacks with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.  They have a good offensive line that opens up huge holes for those guys to run through.

As we all know, the Titans were terrible at stopping the run last year.  The Corey Simon acquisition should make the run defense a little better.  A healthy Antwan Odom will help as well.  This defense has a lot to prove on Sunday.  They were not tested much in the preseason because they did not face the #1 back for 3 of the 4 teams they played.  It makes me a little nervous that the 1st real test comes in the 1st real game.  Is the run defense better than it was last season?  We won't have an answer for that until Sunday.

The defense also needs to force some turnovers.  We know from last years' 2nd meeting with the Jaguars that David Garrard will give the ball away.  The Titans defense has got to force him to do that again on Sunday.  This Jacksonville defense is regarded by most to be one of the best they have ever had.  It would really help the offense to have a short field a couple of times during the game to help Vince Young and the rest of the offense find confidence and rhythm.