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Friday Morning Vince Young Lovefest

How better to kick off the first Friday before a game than with a Vince Young lovefest? (Note: To read the article click on the text.  If you click on the picture you will only get the picture.)  The article talks about the progress Vince has made from year 1 to year 2.  

"I've seen a lot more than glimpses of it through the preseason," Titans coach Jeff Fisher said of Young's improvement. "We've seen improvement throughout the offseason. As we've said all along, we expect that to translate into wins this year."
I love the quote from LenDale White:
"He's going to get it done, regardless of what people say or regardless of what's happening out there on the field," running back LenDale White said. "When you've got a quarterback that can just go out there and leave it all out there, we're going to fall right in behind him and march with him."
That is what I like best about Vince.  He has that leadership quality that makes guys want to do whatever it takes for him.  You see this every time Vince takes off to run.  No one is standing around just watching.  Every one is busting it to get in front of him and make a block like the one LenDale threw against the Packers.  

Vince's poise and leadership help raise the level of play of the guys around him.  This is why I am not as worried about the lack of experience at the skill positions as most people are.  Vince will make guys play better than they actually are.

Vince also has the ability to put his failures behind him.  When asked about his struggles against Jacksonville last season he said:

"That's last year. The key point, you said, is last year. That was last year. Not taking anything away from those guys, they're a great physical football team, ... but we're looking forward to going down there and redeeming ourselves."
It doesn't seem that he is letting the Jacksonville defense get in his head.  He is ready to go out and prove that he can be successful against them.

A lot of people are saying that Vince won't be as successful this year because people will have figured him out.  I don't understand this theory because I am pretty sure every team had access to the Rose Bowl tape.  If teams didn't know what Vince was capable of they are just stupid.  Bo Scaife isn't worried about this either:

"Those aren't tricks. That's just what he does," Scaife said. "They know what he's going to do, but can you stop that? When a guy has a chance to tackle Vince one-on-one, they're not going to tackle him."
Vince is not just sitting on his success.  He knows that he has improvements to make:
"I just want to continue learning," Young said. "All these guys like Peyton Manning, Kerry Collins, Tom Brady that have been in the game for a long time. When they go out there on the football field, [I notice] how fast they read defenses. I want to get to that point where I can continue to get better and better."
I hope Kerry Collins enjoys the only time his name will appear in the same sentence with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  I love the fact that Vince realizes he still needs to learn.  That is why he is special and why he will win championships here.