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Ryan Fowler to Start at Middle Linebacker

The Titans have named Ryan Fowler the starting middle linebacker for this Sunday's game against Jacksonville.  This was one of the most watched battles of training camp.  In the end, Jeff Fisher said it came down to Fowler giving the Titans more support in the running game:

"It was a great race, competitive, and they both played very well,'' Coach Jeff Fisher said Monday. "Stephen improved throughout the preseason and it was a hard call. We feel like Ryan will give us a little more in the run game. ... I am confident he'll play well.''
I felt all along that Stephen Tulloch would have to play head and shoulders better than Fowler to win the job because of all the money the Titans gave Fowler.  It is good that both of these guys have seen significant snaps with the first team because if Fowler goes down Tulloch will be able to step in and not miss a beat.