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Let's Pick Some Games

I meant to have a pick contest going on the site but just haven't gotten around to it.  That changes today.  I am going to give you my picks for each of the NFL games this weekend.  I would love for some of you to give me your picks in the comments.

Green Bay (3-0) @ Minnesota (2-1)

This is an interesting match-up.  Brett Favre typically doesn't play well in domes except for the MetroDome.  Minnesota's defense is great against the run but not so great against the pass.

Pick: Packers 24 Vikings 10

Baltimore (2-1) @ Cleveland (1-2)

The old Browns vs. the new Browns.  The new Browns are not good.

Pick: Ravens 28 Browns 7

Chicago (1-2) @ Detroit (2-1)

The Brian Griese era begins this weekend.  This is actually a tough game to call because it is strength vs. strength.  Jon Kitna said the Lions are going to win 10 games.  Works for me.

Pick: Lions 27 Bears 24

St. Louis (0-3) @ Dallas (3-0)

The Rams will be without Steven Jackson for at least 2 weeks.  They haven't won with him.  I can't see them winning this game without him.

Pick: Cowboys 28 Rams 20

Oakland (1-2) @ Miami (0-3)

Daunte Culpepper makes his return to the city where he had so many successful season.  Wait, no that's not it.  I hope this game isn't one that is on my TV on Sunday.

Pick: Raiders 6 Dolphins 3

New York Jets (1-2) @ Buffalo (0-3)

I really thought the Bills would make some noise this year.  I guess I was wrong.

Pick: Jets 24 Bills 13

Houston (2-1) @ Atlanta (0-3)

Matt Schaub will get more cheers in this game than anyone on the Falcons.  Bobby Petrino will continue to wish he was back at Louisville.

Pick: Texans 24 Falcons 13

Seattle (2-1) @ San Francisco (2-1)

This is the 49ers first chance to prove they are for real against the reigning NFC West Champs.  I think they will.

49ers 35 Seahawks 27

Tampa Bay (2-1) @ Carolina (2-1)

It looks like my 2nd favorite team has some new life breathed into them by Jeff Garcia.

Pick: Bucs 28 Panthers 17

Denver (2-1) @ Indianapolis (3-0)

I will be cheering as hard as I can for Jay Cutler and the Broncos in this game.  Unfortunately, I don't think they have enough offense to pull it out.

Pick: Colts 38 Broncos 28

Kansas City (1-2) @ San Diego (1-2)

I am very mad at LaDanian Tomlinson currently.  He has underperformed fantasy wise so far.  That all changes on Sunday.

Pick: Chargers 24 Chiefs 17

Pittsburgh (3-0) @ Arizona (2-1)

Raise your hand if you are glad the Titans drafted Vince Young instead of Matt Leinart.  If your hand isn't up right now please click the X in the upper right hand corner of your screen right now.

Pick: Steelers 42 Cardinals 13

Philadelphia (1-2) @ New York Giants (1-2)

My wife has Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook on her fantasy team so I have to cheer for them.  She makes me.

Pick: Eagles 35 Giants 28

New England (3-0) @ Cincinnati (1-2)

In case you don't know, I hate the Patriots.  Here is all you need to know about this game, Derek Anderson threw 5 TDs against the Bengals.  Tom Brady is a little bit better than Derek Anderson.

Pick: Patriots 38 Bengals 17

Leave your picks in the comments.