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I Was in the Pool: Tennessee Titans Linkage

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Terry McCormick has an article in this morning's paper about the depth the Titans now have. A lot of people, myself included, were angry that the Titans didn't make a splash in free agency this season. Mike Reinfeldt said all along he planned to strengthen the back end of the roster. His plan seems to have paid off so far. For the past few years the Titans have had zero depth. Now they have quality backups at pretty much every position.

Paul Kuharsky has an article about the Titans' corners, Nick Harper and Cortland Finnegan, and their toughness against the run. When you have corners that are going to keep contain it makes everyone else's job on the defense easier. The linebackers don't have to worry about covering the outside. They can just run up the field and make plays. Here is an interesting quote from Bulluck in that article:

"That's what I like about Cortland, he's feisty, Nick is a savvy vet, he's feisty too. We don't have any punks out there at corner. They are going to come up, set the contain, come up and get physical with wide receivers. All of that is great."
Was that a shot at anyone?

The notes article in this morning's Tennessean talks about the practice squad moves. Biren Ealy and Jamie Petrowski have been signed to the practice squad. Glenn Pakulak and Quniton Ganther have been released.