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Power Rankings Time

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It is time to take a look at where the so-called experts think the Titans rank against the other teams of the NFL.

11. Titans
Titans fans would love to see this team join the NFC South. After Monday's win at New Orleans, the Titans have won nine straight against NFC South teams. They can extend that streak with games versus Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Carolina later this season.

7. Titans
Though it was endlessly promoted as a "rematch" of the 2006 Rose Bowl, the Titans-Saints Monday night game was really a match between one of the league's up-and-coming teams and a completely lost and confused squad on the way down. The Titans manhandled the Saints, using a combination of a suffocating defense and a balanced offensive attack to get out of New Orleans as 31-14 victors. Keith Bullock intercepted three passes, the Saints rushing attack was held to only 34 yards and Drew Brees looked flustered all game. Tennessee's for real.

6. Titans
The Titans have won 8 of their last 10 games going back to last season with the only two losses during that span coming versus New England and Indianapolis. Throw in two victories against Jacksonville (currently ranked #7) during that span and it's not hard to place the Titans in the top 10... However, Tennessee's remaining schedule is absolutely brutal. So beware of penciling them into the postseason at this early juncture.

9. Titans
Very impressive and very important win for the Titans as they took care of the Saints Monday Night and kept pace with the surging AFC South competition, where every team is above .500.


9. Titans
The most impressive thing about the Titans is the way the defense is playing. Vince Young gets the attention, but Jim Schwartz has his unit playing great defense.

18. Titans
Vince Young gets it done on the Monday night stage, and so does the Titans defense, which intercepts Drew Brees four times.

13. Titans
Who are these guys Vince Young is throwing to?
ESPN no longer has any credibility in my eyes. How in the world did the Jaguars jump the Titans? That is just stupid.

The average this week is 10.4. As soon as News Day gets with the program the Titans will have an average in single digits. If you look at the Titans October schedule they have a lot of winnable games. It is going to be fun watching the Titans climb these rankings.