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Titans @ Saints: 5 Questions

I caught up with Sunil from Canal Street Chronicles and asked him 5 questions about his New Orleans Saints. (As always, head over there to see the questions he asked me with my answers.)

1.  No one around here thought they would be 0-2 coming into this game.  What has the problem been so far?  Is there an easy solution?

Hmm, offensively, the Saints can't run, throw or protect the quarterback. Defensively, they can's stop the run and pass at the same time, nor can they pressure the quarterback.  

It all seems rooted in the struggles of their lines. Offensively, their line must give Drew Brees time to throw downfield. That will open the running game. Defensively, the line must pressure the quarterback, which will help the corners.

2.  Reggie Bush has struggled a little running the ball in the NFL.  Last year, the few times I saw him, it looked like he was trying to out run everyone to the corner (it worked against the Titans last preseason).  Is he still doing that or did I just make that up?

During the team's final 8-game stretch last season, Reggie seemed to finally shake his tendencies to dance, to run into his blockers and to look to bust everything outside. And he saw success late last season because of it.

This season, he appears to have regressed to his old habits. Combine that with some annoying drops, and you've got Reggie's season thusfar.

3.  How will the energy in the Dome Monday night compare to last year's Monday night game?

It will be loud, but nothing compared to last season's opener. The fans will do their best to contribute to a victory, but last season's opener was about much more than football.

4.  I was at the head of the Titans should draft Robert Meachem campaign.  How is he progessing so far?  Is he completely healthy?

He's not progressing, at least not in games. I don't see what happens on the practice field, but I think it's safe to say that he's not doing much there, either. Meachem is a first-round pick, with a world of talent, so it stands to reason that the Saints would do their best to get him on the playing field, assuming that he has earned it. The fact that he hasn't leads me to believe that either he's not working (which, according to what I've heard, would be uncharacteristic) or at the very least, not forcing the coaches to re-evaluate him.

5. Where do you think the Saints have the biggest advantage when matched-up with the Titans?  Where is the biggest disadvantage?

Biggest advantage: Depth at receiver. The Saints can spread the Titans' defense out and force mismatches.

Biggest disadvantage: (Just a hunch here) The Saints passed on Vince Young, who clearly carries grudges.

A big thanks to Sunil for doing this.  He is a great blogger.