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Tennessee Titans Friday Evening Linkage

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The Titans have extended Tony Brown's contract through 2009. He could possibly earn $5 million with his new deal. I think this is a great move for the Titans. Brown is a very versatile player that can play tackle or end. He has developed into quite a playmaker since he joined the Titans.

Vince Young was fined $7,500 by the league for his unsportsmanlike penalty against the Colts. I think it is stupid that he was fined for that. It was a stupid mistake and the 15 yard penalty hurt him a lot more than the money.

Craig Hentrich has a strained back that could keep him out of the game on Monday night. The Titans signed punter Glenn Pakulak, who was with the team in camp, to the practice squad in case Hentrich cannot play on Monday. My guess is that Hentrich will play.

The above linked article mentions that Cortlan Finnegan practiced today but is listed as questionable. If he cannot go Michael Griffin will make his regular season debut at corner on Monday Night Football.

There is a suptropical depression that could be headed towards New Orleans. It would be the first serious storm since Hurricane Katrina. The Titans and the NFL are monitoring the storm to see if any plans will need to be changed. The Titans aren't scheduled to leave for New Orleans until Sunday and the storm is supposed to be cleared out by Saturday night so it shouldn't provide any travel problems. We can only hope for the people of New Orleans that the storm will pass with no trouble.

Have a great weekend everyone!!