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Byron Leftwich and Tank Johnson Find Homes

Now for a little general NFL news.  Byron Leftwich has agreed to terms with the Atlanta Falcons.  The deal is for 2 years and could be worth as much as $7 million dollars. It makes you wonder what took the Falcons so long.  There is no way that Leftwich will be ready for this weekend's game, but I don't think it will take him much time to take the starting job from Joey Harrington.  How badly are the Falcons wishing they hadn't made the Matt Schaub deal now.  The rest of the AFC south is wishing they hadn't made that deal as well with the Houston Texans starting 2-0.

In a more surprising development, the Dallas Cowboys have agreed to terms with Tank Johnson.  Johnson will not be able to play until after the Cowboys' 8th game because he is serving a suspension for his many mishaps with the law.

Of course this brings the discussion to our suspended player.  It has been nice around here because no one had mentioned him for a while until someone, who will remain nameless, mentioned him here.  Look I would love to see those punt returns again as much as any Titans fan, but it isn't going to happen this year and maybe ever.  Everyone from John Clayton to John McClain to Jim Wyatt are saying there is no way Goddell lets that player return this season.  He isn't here so there is really no reason to talk about him.