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Colts @ Titans Recap I: The Offense

That's how close we were.
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Unfortunately that is the image we are left with from yesterday's game. That is how close the Titans were to at least getting a shot at a game winning field goal but alas, it was not to be.

I was not a big fan of the offensive game plan yesterday. It really looked like the coaches tried to make the same game plan from Jacksonville fit against Indy. The problem with that is the 2 defenses couldn't be more different. One is power and one is speed. As mentioned by BBB in the game thread yesterday, running out of the shotgun against a defense that is as fast as the Colts isn't a very good idea. I think the Titans should have lined up in the "I" and hit the Colts in the mouth.

The biggest question I have is why in the world did they give the ball to Chris Brown on the 4th down play in the 1st quarter. My original question was why they didn't sneak, but Kevin Mawae said on the radio this morning that it was his call on the sneak. Mawae said he made a mistake because he thought they needed a litte more for the 1st than they actually did. That answers that. Chris Brown is not a short yardage back. That is why we have LenDale. I also don't understand running a stretch play against the Colts in that situation.

Vince Young played reasonably well going 17-27 for 184 yards and 1 TD. He also rushed for 53 yards on 5 carries. We all thought he was going to make the magic happen on the final drive. He did make 2 key mistakes in the game however. The personal foul call he got right before the half is just unacceptable. I know that he was hit late and high on the play, but he has to keep his composure there. That is just a result of being a young player in the league.

If Brandon Jones brings in that ball on the final 3rd down, we might be having a completely different conversation today about Vince Young. We don't know if Bironas could have made a kick, but it would have been nice to have a shot. Jones didn't make the catch, but it is important to keep that in mind goind forward.

The other mistake came on the 1st play of the last drive. He absolutely cannot take a sack there. Again, that is something that he will learn as he continues to get experience in the league.

It was good to see Roydell Williams make some plays yesterday. He made a fantastic catch in end zone for the last TD and another great play on the sideline on the last drive. I think he may be the one who steps up and becomes a playmaker for this team.

Overall the offense pretty well yesterday. I would have liked to have seen LenDale get a few more carries early in the game. I think he really could have worn their defensive front down and opened up a lot of things in the 2nd half. The Titans just didn't seem to be as committed to establishing the run as I thought they would be. Oh well.