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Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans Open Thread

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Date: September 16th, 2007
Time: 12:00 p.m. Central
Location: LP Field, Nashville, TN
Records: Colts (1-0) Titans (1-0)
Weather: 71 degrees, 10% chance of showers, wind 5 mph from the ENE
Radio: 103.3 WKDF
Colts Coverage: Stampede Blue and The Indianapolis Star



Rankings: Titans Offense 11th overall (1st rushing, 32nd passing) vs. Colts Defense 17th overall (16th rushing, 17th passing)

The most important thing for the Titans in this game is to establish the run.  The way to beat the Colts is to keep their offense off the field.  LenDale White should have a big game against and undersized Colts defense.  Once he has pounded away at them for a while Chris Brown will come in and hit the home run.  Vince Young should have some opportunities to make plays with his legs as well.

As always, the offense needs to take care of the ball.  The last thing you want to do against the Colts is to give them a short field.  The defense will have their hands full enough as it is.  They don't need any possessions that start in Titans' territory.

Vince Young needs to have a big game through the air and on the ground.  The Colts play a bend but don't break defense.  Vince needs to be able to find the holes in their zone to keep the chains moving.  He also needs to recognize his opportunities to run and take them quickly.  He made a lot of plays against the Colts last year with his legs.  Contrary to what some people believe, the plays he makes with his legs count just as much as the plays through the air.


Rankings: Titans Defense 13th overall (7th rushing, 19th passing) vs. Colts Offense 3rd overall (6th rushing, 5th passing)

The #1 key for the defense in this game is to not give up the big play.  The Colts are going to take shots.  The Titans just have to be in position to make plays on those balls.  They also have to take tackle Joseph Addai on the stretch play.  They cannot allow him to get big chuncks of yards and open up the play-action pass.

The Titans have to get pressure on Peyton Manning with the front 4.  If he has all day to throw he will pick the Titans' secondary apart.  You can't blitz Peyton much because he will find the hole it created.  Peyton is one of the most accurate QBs in the history of the game when he can just sit in the pocket and throw.  He becomes a whole lot less accurate when he is on the run.  Antwan Odom and Kyle Vanden Bosch need to be in the backfield all day long.

The defense also needs to force a couple of turnovers.  Turnovers will keep the Colts offense from getting into a rhythm.

This is a huge game for the Titans.  A win could prove to every one that the Titans are for real.  While it is not the Super Bowl for the Titans, it is a really important game for them.

I should be around for most of the game tomorrow.  The comments in last week's game thread were awesome.  Let's get that good conversation going again.